Brand new to Chatham, Red Mannequin is quickly making a home for itself at 1 Main Street. This fun new shop delights and surprises with a unique collection of clothing, jewelry and accessories for women, fine art photography gifts and even a few small, carefully selected treasures for men.

All this, and more, wrapped up in a warm, personal and informal shopping experience!

Open all year, we welcome old and new friends to get to know us and include us in their visits to this truly wonderful small city.

Hope to see you, on the web, on Facebook and, of course, follow us on Instagram!

1 Main Street, Chatham NY `12037
Our store phone is 518-392-7148
Hours:  Thursday - Saturday noon-6, Sunday noon-5

Things people say:

"OMG! I want everything in here."

"This is the most fun I've had shopping in forever."

"Everything in here is so gorgeous and so unique."

"My most favorite things come from Red Mannequin."

"People are always stopping me to ask me 'Where did you get that'?"

"I was at a party the other night and six women were wearing fabulous outfits from Red Mannequin."

"These clothes say comfort."